Study at KIS Lab.

Seminar are not just for graduates!

As well as studying individual themes, we take practical steps to generate ideas, communication and presentation.

The photograph on the left is from a monthly undergraduate memoir, in which an undergraduate explains and discusses their study using PowerPoint.

The photograph on the right is a scene from the seminar trip.Through such trips, we build a sense of cooperation and strengthen the bond between members.

Main seminar event

The following is an outline of main seminar events.

【Programming practice (C,C++, .NET)】(Seminar assignment~June)
We master Windows programming within one month after it is assigned to a laboratory. Basic C language programming is completed within about one week and progresses to Windows programming practice using C++ and the .NET Framework.

【Intellectual information processing colloquium】(One per week,April ~ June)
In parallel with programming practice, we learn in colloquium about the basics of intellectual information processing, based on the TSP (traveling salesman problem).

【Image processing colloquium】(One per week,June ~ August)
Following the intellectual information processing colloquium, we learn in colloquium about the basics of image processing and applied programming.

【Study report of undergraduate students】(One per month,until February)
Undergraduate students report on progress of the study once each month. We argue about study contents and develop presentation skills.

【Activity report】(One per week,until February)
We submit a report to Facebook once each week, relating to activity and the thing which gathered up activity plans in a week to report it which went in last week of the week to report the report contents.

【Drinking party】(Indeterminate)
We perform a drinking session after suspension of business in the back and the summer of the monthly briefing session. Venues range from study rooms to locations outside the school.

【Seminar trip】(Summer vacation)

Typically, these are annual trips of 2 days and 1 night of the complete joyride.Undergraduates predominate in deciding trip destination and content.