Healthcare Management System

Supporting the health of the user

In modern society, lifestyle-related diseases are a significant issue. In particular, obesity is considered to cause a range of diseases related to lifestyle. Products that support a healthy lifestyle, such as Nintendo’s Wii Fit home fitness system, have become increasingly popular.

Using smartphone sensors, it is now possible to record changes in weight and calories-out. Wearable terminals are available to record user data more precisely than before. However, none of these applications and devices can currently suggest a meal and exercise program specific to the lifestyle of the individual user.

This study explores both exercise and meal selection as elements of a preventive healthcare system, matching both to the individual user.

Healthcare system

This figure summarizes the healthcare system.

Healthcare System

The system matches exercise and meal suggestions to user physical data. In addition, it is assumed that suggesting an individual’s favorite meals and exercises will help to maintain health care motivation.

A system that suggests exercise to the user

The system suggests exercises best suited to the user. One purpose of this system is to offer an exercise strength menu, allowing the user to combine various exercises.

However, motivation may be reduced if a similar exercise menu is recommended every day. For that reason, the system presented a menu of variations, using approximately 200 kinds of exercise generally used in fitness clubs.

Suggestion of the various exercise menu

Enjoy Healthcare!

Computer simulation of this system confirmed its effectiveness. The next phase will involve combination of meal and exercise suggestion systems and the construction of a setup that works with a wearable terminal.


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