About us

Our research group aims to realize computer systems that are able to understand the Kansei of people. The word Kansei, which is rooted in Japanese, has various meaning related with human sense, feeling, affection and emotion. Our goal is developing emotion models, which we call Kansei models and are a little different from so-called AI. Those models are necessary for human friendly computers or robots that have their own emotion and tell their own feelings to people. We also study a technology to analyze a person’s personality and preferences, and an interactive evolutionary computation model to automatically adapt to the subjectivity of a person.

From T

徳丸正孝Hello, I am Masataka Tokumaru, the supervisor of this laboratory. How should a computer system handle ambiguous and complex information, such as feeling or preference that we have? Computer has not been good at process the “ambiguous” information ever. Discovering a good solution for the problem will make computer systems more human-friendly. If you get interested in a robot that acts like a living creature or a human-friendly computer system, please contact us anytime at the following email address. E-mail: toku (at) kansai-u.ac.jp.