Masataka Tokumaru (Professor)

Master course 2nd grade (M2)

Hiroki Isoda – Reserch Theme : Preference Estimation Based on Eye Gaze for Interactive Evolutionary Computation
Yusuke Soga – Reserch Theme : Interactive Evolutionary Computation interface by choice disagreeable individual
Shigeru Ohta – Reserch Theme : Utilization of Feature Extraction with Deep Neural Network for Kansei Retrieval System
Takanori Nakamura – Reserch Theme : Real-Time Corresponding Model of the Robot in the Generation of Emotion Behavior

Master course 1st grade (M1)

Yudai Shimono – Reserch Theme : Estimating User’s Preferences on Touchscreen Device using a System Operation for IEC Interface
Anna Tanaka – Reserch Theme :
Yusuke Nakanishi – Reserch Theme :
Yotaro Fuse – Reserch Theme : A Model for Robot of Decision Making for Selecting Cooperative Behaviors in a Group
Takumi Yamamoto – Reserch Theme :

Bachelor course 4th grade (B4)

Ryo Ito – Reserch Theme : Kansei Robotics
Naoki kaji – Reserch Theme : Interactive Evolutionary Computation
Narundo Kouno – Reserch Theme : Healthcare Management System
Yuya Kondo – Reserch Theme : Interactive Evolutionary Computation
Hiroaki Tanazawa – Reserch Theme : Kansei Robotics
Tihiro Morita – Reserch Theme : Kansei Robotics

Foreign research student

Lin Bing Qian – Reserch Theme : Kansei Robotics